Free Bootstrap 5 one-page creative portfolio template

Free creative bootstrap 5 template

Muse – Bootstrap 5 HTML Responsive One-Page Creative Portfolio Template


Muse is a one-page Free Bootstrap 5 one-page creative portfolio template for graphic designers and illustrators to showcase their work. The template comes with a custom modal that pulls in the correct image and project description, a custom animated slide-out menu, client testimonials widget, skills widget and experience widget.

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If you do not intend to work with the template source code (and that means you will not be compiling it or running the Webpack dev server), you do not need to install anything. You can simply navigate to the dist folder and start editing the files.

Most developers will be editing the source code and will also be running Webpack to recompile the template files. If that’s the case, then ensure that you have Node.js installed. You can download it from here

Quick Start

  • Download the latest release OR clone the repo: git clone
  • Install Node.js if you don’t already have it on your system.
  • Open the project root in your command line.
  • run npm install in your command line.
  • run npm start to start Webpack devserver.
  • if you want to recompile the template files (which output to the dist folder), run npm run build

Template Pages

The template consists of a single page:

  • Homepage

To keep code repetition to a minimum, we’ve used Handlebars.js as the templating engine and partials to quickly add the same code to different pages. We also use a Handlebars plugin for JSON data – this allows us to use loops and output a single HTML code block instead of repeating the same HTML.

Demo Link

Demo URL

Please note that this is an HTML template only. It does not connect to a database, and will not automatically work in a content management system (WordPress etc). You will need to incorporate our code into your application.

Template Key Features

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