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Fancee is an free admin dashboard built on top of the latest version of bootstrap. It’s released under MIT which means you can do whatever you want with it. You can use it for your personal projects, client projects or you can sell it, there are no limitations.


Before anything else, make sure nodejs and npm are installed on your machine. If not, follow these instructions and then proceed with the next steps:

git clone

cd fancee-dashboard

npm run install


The project is now on your machine and all the dependencies should be installed. All that’s left to do is to fire up the project. You can do that my running the command:

npm run dev

This will run the project in development mode. It will start a local dev server, it will generate source maps and everything that’s required for a modern front-end development environment.

If you want to get the project production ready, then all you have to do is to run:

npm run build

This will bundle up and optimize all of your code, it will rename all of your assets for cache busting (among other things) and will place everything in a dist directory at the root level of the project.

File structure

├── config
├── dist
├── src
│   ├── images
│   ├── scripts
│   ├── styles
│   ├── views
│   └── index.js
├── .babelrc
├── .eslintrc
├── .gitignore
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── postcss.config.js




The code is available under the MIT license.


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