Bootadmin – HTML Admin Panel

Bootadmin – HTML Admin Panel 1

Bootadmin is an opensource admin panel to help developers, designers, ux, and the rest of the world quickly create their projects without having to worry about styling.

Google Chrome, Safari, Torch – you name it. This fantastic free Bootstrap 4 admin template is compatible with all modern browsers. The Bootadmin may be simple at first look, but what it lacks for aesthetics, it compensates for functionality.

Tons of useful features are also laden with BootAdmin like progress, modal, tooltip, drop-down, navs, collapse, lists, popovers, tables are few from them.

Info and Credits

Author: iamshipon1988

Released: Juli, 2019

Licence: MIT


RoyalUI - Free Bootstrap Admin Template 2

RoyalUI – Free Bootstrap Admin Template

bootstrap and angular free admin template

Open Source High Quality Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16