Avni – Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Avni - Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Template 1

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template and Feather & FontAwesome Icons with lots of additional goodies.

Multiple Dashboard Layouts.

Mulitple Landing pages.

Mulitple Sidebar examples.

Mulitple Login/Register examples.

…and many more….

Pure (vanilla) Java Script Based. Since JQuery is kicked out from Bootstrap 5, NO JQuery or any related dependency is used at all. That makes the overall template feather weight.

To test persistence of various navbar and color settings try it in Firefox instead of Chrome. Chrome does not allow local file’s cookies.

Change log

Version : 2.0

Stable Version


  • Fixed all known issues related to functionalities.
  • Fixed all broken known responsiveness.
  • Fixed all show/hide navbar brand related issues.
  • Removed all page reloads from everywhere.
  • Added “export HTML table to pdf” using jspdf.js

Since this project started on a learn and develop philosophy, the next milestone will be to reduce/concise the custom css and custom js used. And if time permits will create gulp package for the same.

Version : 1.2.1

Fixed “container” responsiveness.

Version : 1.2

Bug fixes.

Added more responsiveness to elements.

Change log

Version : 1.1

Sidebar is now more responsive to varying screen sizes — icons+text, icons only and hidden.

Added feature to disable (remove) sidebar and its toggle button. It can be done by activating/selecting compact mode from “settings” panel modal. Setting panel/modal can be located in Settings from user icon in top right corner.

Demo Download

bootstrap sidebar nav

Responsive Sidebar Navigation

Free Coming Soon Responsive HTML Template 2

Free Coming Soon Responsive HTML Template